Rapper Killer Mike on Election: “Stay home. Get something or give nothing,”

By Dominick Fils-Aime | November 6, 2016

It truly has been an election for the ages. Being older, I can only wonder if election season has always been this way, but we were all too young to care. Either or, this year has been the clearest manifestation reflecting the choice between a giant turd and a shxt sandwich (see SouthPark).

With all the talk of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, being investigated by the FBI, and GOP imposter Donald Trump’s general lack of civility and decorum, it may be difficult for some to identify whether either candidate represents their shared interest, particularly people of color whose grievances have not been a point of discussion during the three presidential debates.

For reasons such as these, politically inclined Atlanta Rapper Killer Mike has encouraged black voters to stay home on election day if neither candidate has earned their vote. The Run the Jewels rapper took to instagram calling for the attention of black folks, suggesting that if a candidate is not willing to explicitly fight for jobs, weed decriminalization, Federal prosecution of killer cops and diversity on the Supreme Court, among other things, voters should pocket their vote.

“Stay the fuck home. Get something or give nothing,” he wrote.

He captioned the post, “Black Voters in states like Georgia this is your chance to MAKE A DEMAND and have it met! Don’t remain a pasty and pet simply doing what u are told. Get something for your vote or stop complaining and accept your role as a 2cd Class citizen once and for all. #VoteLocalifUMust #IamVotingLocal.”

Mike recently made headlines after selling t-shirts featuring a leaked email from the Hillary Clinton Camp to campaign chairman John Podesta that read, “I guess Killer Mike didn’t get the message,” possibly referring to Mike’s public stance against Clinton. It might be safe to say that Killer Mike will not be voting for the Republican or Democratic nominee. Shxt samich…or giant turd.


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