Pusha T’s PSA Concerning Mass Incarceration

By Dominick Fils-Aime | December 23, 2016

Mass incarceration has become an increasingly popular social topic, and no community has been more boisterous on the subject than the Hip-hop community. All in all, as Americans, we should all be in agreement that the United States has become obsessed with locking up its citizens.

One member of the Hip-hop community that has taken the cause of prison reform to heart is G.O.O.D Music rapper Pusha T. The Virginia native recently continued to advocate for changes in regards to our department of corrections via a public service announcement.

Within the 3 minute PSA, Pusha discusses the account of Norman Brown, a man who spent 25 years in prison for a non-violent offense and whose experiences would have a severe impact on any man’s sense of humanity.

“If you put your food in a locker, the mice would get it before you could eat. There were people who would scream at themselves.” Brown continued, “I began to take classes. Then I began to teach classes on anger management and empowerment.”

Brown was granted clemency in 2015 by President Barack Obama , who has granted clemency to more inmates than any President in U S history, enabling Brown to tell his story through Pusha T.

Despite his much revealed past as a drug dealer and present title as a rapper and music executive, Pusha has also gotten more engaged in the political/social scene also advocating for marijuana legalization in California and even joining forces with Hillary Clinton during her presidential run to encourage voter registration.

Pusha joins the likes of Russell Simmons and John Legend as celebrities associated with the hip-hop community concerning themselves with the issue of mass incarceration.

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