20th Anniversary of Tupac Shooting

by Dominick J. Fils-Aimé | September 7, 2016

Today is a day that will forever live in infamy, as we lost one of the most transcendent human beings this planet has ever seen. On this day, Sept. 7, 1996, rap legend and cultural icon Tupac Shakur was shot by a bullet that would claim his life 6 days later. The fatal shot was fired that September night in 1996, after the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

The son of a black panther was riding shotgun alongside Death Row CEO Suge Knight in a BMW sedan when a white, Cadillac pulled up to the right side of the vehicle and rolled down its window. What would proceed to fly out of the window would be the bullets that entered the rapper’s chest, pelvis, right hand and thigh, ultimately ending the potential of one of entertainment’s most enlightened and influential provocateurs.

2Pac was subsequently rushed to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, only to take his last breathe a few days later. Knight, the driver of the BMW Pac was in survived and only suffered minor injuries from the attack.

After his death, many die hard Pac zealots entered a realm of denial and delusion, opting to believe their favorite artist faked his own death to live freely, independent of the constraints of fame. Such conspiracies were only fueled after a selfie of the “California Love” rapper emerged last month.

“Tupac not dead. He somewhere on an island smoking a Cuban cigar,” said Suge in an interview with TMZ.” Many agree with the now incarcerated Suge Knight, believing the rapper escaped to Cuba to live alongside his black panther aunt, and alleged cop killer, Assata Shakur.

Despite two decades having passed since his death, Tupac’s murder still remains unsolved.


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