Former NFL player Joe McKnight killed in shooting

By Dominick Fils-Aime | December 3, 2016

The city of Terrytown, Louisiana grew tense Thursday after Ronald Gasser, 54, shot dead former NFL halfback Joe McKnight in an apparent road rage incident. The aspect of this story that has triggered outraged stems from the fact that Gasser was released from police custody without charges within 24 hours. Like a victim of police brutality, the record of Gasser has been dug up and made public…driving record that is. A record that features some animated behaviors from both Gasser and his father.

It appears that Gasser may have inherited his volatile behavior on the road from his father Ronald Gasser Sr, who Gasser was raised by and has lived with the last 15 years. Ironically, it was discovered that Gasser Sr, had accumulated at least 10 driving tickets throughout his driving history, including violations for cutting across private property and running a red light.

The younger of the Gassers also has a history of violent behavior on the road as ten years ago, in close proximity to the area where Mcknight was gunned down, Gasser chased down and repeatedly punch another motorist.

The incident, which happened in 2006 began when a 51-year-old man called 911 to report a man in a red pick-up truck driving unsafely. The victim of the impending assault also observed a phone number to contact on the truck, in the event that it appeared the drive was incompetent. When he called the number, it was Gasser who was in fact operating the truck. What would ensue was a verbal altercation over the phone which ended after the victim pulled into a service station. Gasser ultimately ended up confronting the victim while he was filling his tank, eventually striking him several times.

For that particular incident, Gasser was issued a misdemeanor summons for simple battery which would eventually be dismissed. So as a colorful writer, I’m always inclined to ask…well, never mind. R.I.P Joe Mcknight.

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