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Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy calls Donald Trump ‘brazenly racist’

By Dominick Fils-Aime | November 9, 2016

Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Vangundy gave more than his two cents in response to Donald Trump being elected president of the United States. Noticing the solemn energy emitted from the Piston’s morning bus ride to Arizona for a Wednesday night game against the Suns, Van Gundy would ultimately find out, after speaking to center Aron Baynes, his disgust for the presidential nominee was a shared sentiment, and the gloomy energy had nothing to do with their 32 point loss a night earlier.

The former Miami Heat coach would presumably go on to represent some of the grief his team and staff were feeling in a 6 minute rant, highlighting the unconventionally cras way the political neophyte rose to the highest position in the world.

“We have just thrown a good part of our population under the bus, and I have problems with thinking this is where we are as a country”, he argued, referencing Trump’s employment of racially and culturally sensitive language throughout his campaign.

“Martin Luther King said, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but bends toward justice.’ I would have believed in that for a long time, but not today. … What we have done to minorities … in this election is despicable. I’m having a hard time dealing with it.” he explained. “This isn’t your normal candidate. I don’t know even know if I have political differences with him. I don’t even know what are his politics. I don’t know, other than to build a wall and ‘I hate people of color, and women are to be treated as sex objects and as servants to men.’ I don’t know how you get past that. I don’t know how you walk into the booth and vote for that,” he continued.

“I don’t know how you go about it, if you’re a person of color today or a Latino. Because white society just said to you, again — not like we haven’t forever — but again, and emphatically, that I don’t think you deserve equality. We don’t think you deserve respect. And the same with women. That’s what we say today, as a country. We should be ashamed for what we stand for as the United States today.”

So what do you think? Instead of little girls coming home thinking they can be president, hispanic boys and girls are in fear of their parents being taken from them or they themselves being deported. Oh welicans.

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