Kenyon Martin Recalls Almost Choking Coach George Carl

by Dominick J. Fils-Aimé | December 24, 2016

A Lot of dirt has been tossed on the name of former NBA head coach George Karl since excerpts from his book “Furious George” surfaced on Thursday. Within his book, Karl made disparaging comments about J.R Smith, Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony, all of whom played for Karl during their time with the Denver Nuggets.

Kenyon Martin, who is the only of the three players no longer active in the NBA, has been the most animated in expressing his disdain for his former coach. Martin recently took to twitter to respond to Karl’s comments by attacking his character and abilities as a coach/mentor. Moreover, in a recent interview on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Martin reflected on the time were he nearly did his best Latrell Sprewell impression on Karl.

Within the interview, Martin recalled him discussing the option of sitting out the last few games of the Nuggets 2005-2006 campaign in order to rest up for the playoffs and give Martin’s troubled knees some relief. Karl obliged.

Going into game one of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers, Martin approached Karl about playing only to be made aware that forward Francisco Elson would be named the starter instead.

Following an 89-87 loss to the Clippers, Martin figured he would receive his normal role and allotment of minutes going into game two of the series. He was wrong, as once more, Elson was named the starter again. Needless to say, the 1x time All-Star was pissed.

“I play seven minutes in the first half, in the second game, so I’m hot, I’m furious,” Martin said. “So, at halftime, I let him have it. I told him how I felt about him, I challenged him, and had Latrell Sprewell not ever done what he did to P.J. Carlesimo, I probably would’ve been the first.”

To those not in the know, Latrell Sprewell had an infamous altercation with Coach P.J Carlesimo while playing for the Warriors where he allegedly choked the former coach out. Anywho, Karl’s memoirs will be available in January and is sure to warrant more contempt from his former players and colleagues.


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