Donald Trump lets Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair

By Dominick Fils-Aimé | September 16, 2016

Republican nominee Donald Trump and his campaign stopped by The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, Thursday evening to discuss the upcoming debate, Fallon’s impersonation of him and his general experience running for the president. But of course, a Trump moment isn’t a trump moment without the real estate mogul  engaging in unpresidential behavior.

Towards the conclusion of the interview, Fallon asked Trump if they could do something “unpresidential,” subsequently asking The Donald if he could mess up one of his most infamous assets…his hair. A lighthearted Trump obliged.

“The answer is yes, but the people in New Hampshire where I’m going to be in about an hour from now, I hope they’re going to understand,” Trump said.

The much maligned Trump appeared to take the moment in good fun but according to the Associated Press, the Republican candidate was not so content off camera as he would not allow any photographers to snap shots of him after taping.

Fallon has been subject to scrutiny since the stunt, as critics felt that the soft interview was a misuse of time, allowing Trump to discuss his poll numbers, how he felt about the media, and his health, as opposed to questioning him on the divisive rhetoric he has employed throughout the course of his campaign.

Trump also elaborated on his proposal to have his upcoming debate with democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, absent of moderators, as he feels they won’t be fair to him….

“The concept of having us both sit onstage — or standing, I like standing much better — standing onstage and just debating … I think would be fascinating for people,” said Trump.

Still, Trump did very little to provide his constituency with any new details regarding policy. However, the self proclaimed billionaire has given the public more insight into the level of authenticity associated with his distinguished do.

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