Quest Love Details Obama’s White House Party

By Dominick J. Fils-Aimé | October 22, 2016

Not to long ago, our first black president Barack Obama spoke of a particular to do list, a list that rhymes with bucket list he termed it. It appears that many of the things one might imagine our Chief executive officer was referring to have taken place, as the two termed Democrats time in office is finally coming to an end. Soon, on November 8th, we will learn of who the untraditionally smooth politicians successor will be. Watch South Park if you’re unaware of the nature of the two candidates.

According to prestigious Roots percussionist Questlove, Obama has spent many of his last days in office painting the White House black, as much of the entertainment the building built by slaves has been subject to during the President’s final days has been….well unconventional….relative to those who came before him.

Legendary Roots drummer pictured next to the 44th President Barack Obama.

This past Friday night a project x of sorts occurred during a private party at the White House, as told by the Philly drummer.

In a post made in the wee hours of the morning, Questlove says he “seent” something that we will probably never see happen again. He went on to illustrate a shindig Djayed by DJ D-Nice, listing it’s highlights. A party where Usher performed, De La Soul break danced, and Dave Chappelle played with the commander and chiefs dog.it

The list includes and assortment of properties that would be more traditionally found at a “colorful” backyard barbecue including the likes of “Make Am Day Uhh” featuring Master P, “Party Up” featuring Dmx, and “Shook Ones” featuring Mobb Deep being played at the white house, the eating of chicken wings at a on a White House piano, and BBD performing their classic smash “Poison” while attendees danced with reckless enthusiasm.

Still the most surprising element of this story to me is the esteemed Roots drummers admitting that he indulged in his first sip of Hennessy at the White House? C’mon man, you’re  a New Yorker now.

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