Elon Musk Plans on Developing Self Sustaining City on Mars

by Dominick J Fils-Aimé | September 27, 2016

SpaceX founder Elon Musk revealed on Tuesday that his company planned to develop a self sustaining city on Mars. The former PayPal entrepreneur and Tesla Motors CEO made the revelation in Guadalajara, Mexico during a meeting at the International Astronautical Congress. Musk’s address was more concerned with how SpaceX would get to Mars, but divulged few details concerning how life would be sustained on the dry red planet.

“I don’t have an immediate doomsday prophecy,” Musk said of his motives for the ambitious project, “One path is to stay on Earth forever, and there will be some extinction event. The alternative is to become a multi-planetary species, which I hope you will agree is the right way to go.”

SpaceX also released a video featuring the imagined take off of the rocket that would ship earthlings to Mars. This video was also deficient in providing any information on how the trip would facilitate humans becoming an Interplanetary species of beings.

According to Musk, SpaceX anticipates sending 1,000 ships with 200 people in each ship to colonize the fourth planet from the Sun, estimating that it would take 40 to 100 years to achieve such a goal.

Musk also argued that the long trip to the second smallest planet would be an enjoyable experience.

“It’ll be, like, really fun to go—you’ll have a great time,” he explained, noting that the inside of the space vessel would have to be made comfortable for the 80 day ride. Musk also expressed optimism in his belief that the space voyage could ultimately be reduced to taking just a single month.

Musk also noted that the greatest obstacle to his mission is concerned with finances.

“I would say it’s going to be a challenge to fund this whole project,” he said, spending much of his address on the economical properties of the trip. According to Musk, a trip to Mars could potentially cost an individual as much as $100,000.

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