Don Cheadle: Trump Asked Friend’s Father if He Had Ever ‘F*cked a N****r’

By Jesse Valbrun | 12:22 PM, March 6 2017

Actor, writer, producer and director Don Cheadle by now can probably add anti-trump protester to his resumé, as the Ocean’s Eleven star has been very vocal in his disdain for our nations 45th president. On Saturday, however, the academy award nominated thespian took to twitter alleging that the POTUS used a racial slur when asking a friend of Cheadle’s father if he ever fell victim to “jungle fever”.

Cheadle made the accusation while engaged in a twitter debate with another user over the Commander and Chiefs involvement with Russia. After being accused of hating Trump long before his presidency, the actor responded with the following:

Several fans pushed back, prompting the actor to provide proof of the incident, which Cheadle was unable to provide. He did, however, respond with a series of tweets essentially suggesting that such a claim should not be a surprise given the Donald’s perceived overt  bigotry throughout the years.

After being challenged by Trump supporters throughout the weekend, Cheadle jumped back on twitter on Sunday to further add to his defense.

When asked why he didn’t make such a revelation during Trump’s campaign by the twittosphere, the Missouri native responded,

“Many already know this to be in his nature. It’s not hidden,” he wrote. “And those who can’t see it, might never. The story would have changed little.”

Regardless of the nature of Cheadle’s comments, the actor has been consistent in eloquently expressing his distaste for Donald Trump long before he entered the White House, as can be seen in the following tweet he made in August:

Ahh, class personified. So were Cheadle’s comments appropriate, especially considering he has no proof of such claims and even admitted that he and the man Trump allegedly asked the question to are not close friends? We’ve all played telephone, no? Three sides to every story.

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